About our location in Bristol Bay

When you fish with the pros at Alaska Trophy Fishing Safaris, you are entirely immersed in a wild and pristine environment virtually untouched by human hands. The only way to truly understand it is to experience it for yourself. Our home is special and will touch all of your senses in ways that are difficult to describe.

Many people are familiar with the Nushagak River, which is the main artery of the Bristol Bay River System. However, few people understand that the Mulchatna River flows from Lake Clark National Park and the tributaries from the Lake Iliamna foothills, and to the north, the Tikchik Lakes. All of these tributaries flow to Bristol Bay.

Alaska Trophy Fishing Safaris is located in the heart of Bristol Bay watershed surrounded by prominent headwaters. This is some of the most pristine, remote, and pure wilderness that Alaska has to offer. We are also one of the only outfits on the Mulchatna River. The exclusivity of our location cannot be overstated. We have no significant competition along more than 250 miles of river.

This means you will enjoy a true Alaskan wildlife wilderness experience in a place where the water actually turns black because there are so many fish. Guests at our Bristol Bay fish camproutinely see brown bears, caribou, moose, wolves, wolverines, eagles, ospreys, kingfishers, and waterfowl while enjoying their time on the river.


We are proud of our crew of experienced, helpful and friendly guides and staff. Besides guiding fishermen, they have dozens of other jobs including the cleaning and running of skiffs; netting, cleaning and skinning fish for taxidermy; and making a shore lunch each day of freshly-caught grilled salmon – a daily favorite of our anglers. The on-site staff at camp provide the delicious breakfasts, Happy Hour appetizers and dinners.