The Carlin Family Story - Our Life in Bristol Bay​

“Like most Alaskans, we were drawn to the wanderlust of the Last Frontier and the sense of adventure that encompasses the 49th state. Little did I know three decades ago that my passion for fishing would turn into an Alaskan lifestyle for me and my Family.

I was introduced to Alaska at the early age of 18 when I ventured to guide on the remote Mulchatna River, in Bristol Bay. I learned from the best — under the tutelage of Master Guide and legend, Dennis Harms. Even after graduating from the University of Notre Dame, I knew corporate life was not for me. So I continued following my heart and eventually purchased the business from my mentor. It is here, at this exact location, I have worked all the summers of my adult life learning the Bristol Bay fishery, respecting the water, fostering rapport with Alaskan Native elders, and sharing that passion with others for nearly 35 years.

Our exclusive lease in Bristol Bay, in which I have been grandfathered, makes our location extremely unique. We are not part of the “combat fishing” tributaries on the Alaska road system. We are grateful to be the only Alaska-owned and operated fishing outfitter on this 250 mile-long river.

Together with my wife, Melissa, and teenage daughter, McKenna, we work to host memorable Bristol Bay fishing trips, while being respectful and good stewards of the fishery and the river. It has become our home away from home and where many memories have been made, fish stories told, and where legends were born.”

– John Carlin, Alaskan Trophy Fishing Safaris Owner